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Earlier we have reported that the LinkedIn app has been removed from the Windows Store. However there was no announcement from the Redmond Giant in regards to the disappearance of the application.

However there are reports that the LinkedIn app which is now owned by Microsoft has now actually received an update in the Windows Store for Windows 10 Mobile.

The app has got a new UI which is on lines of Windows 10 Mobile along with lot of changes and performance improvements to the application. However still the app is not found in the Store and we hope that the app will be available for download sooner than later.

Microsoft purchased the Professional Network company for $26.2 billions and we assume that the company is currently working on developing a true UWP application for the LinkedIn app since Windows Phone support will be ending soon.

  • i can’t neither find it on the store (phone and pc)…
    that’s really incredible how Microsoft doesn’t care about their own platform

    • M Rankin

      it was web app that I think mistake got pushed out to the store it. it been removed form the store

      • or maybe someone from MS called them…
        what is this sh$t? are you mad?…
        go coding a real and good app, come on

        • M Rankin

          hopefully your right it was crazy to see