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When Microsoft had launched the new interface for the Xbox One recently it looked as if Microsoft will bring the same user interface into the Xbox One X (Project Scorpio) when it available in November 2017. But Microsoft has today confirmed officially that the standard Xbox One and the Xbox One X will have a new user interface. Ybarra while responding to a twitter users’ question he teased him about upcoming new interface. The demo unit of Xbox One X at E3 2017 had few changes that were identified by various reporters. Microsoft had not given any hint for any change in interface at E3 2017 press briefing during the launch of Xbox One X. Have a look at the tweet from Mike Ybarra the Corporate Vice President of Xbox & Windows gaming platform at Microsoft:

One thing about the new interface which we are pretty sure is that it will include various elements of Microsoft’s Fluent Design language  that they had announced during the Surface Laptop launch event. Microsoft announced at E3 2017 that the Xbox One X will be coming out in November 7th 2017.Xbox One X will cost $499, £449, 499 euro, 599 Canadian dollars, and 649 Australian dollars around the world.