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Apple yesterday announced its new version of iOS 11 along with new updates for MacOS, Watch OS. With the new  iOS 11 update, the company is planning to bring a new Files App for iOS devices.

The new Files App in iOS 11, lets you browse files on your iPhone and iPad. The company is also letting third party developers to integrated their apps into the Files App to allow easy access to their content.

With the release of the New Files App for iOS devices, Microsoft is likely to be one of the first companies to integrate one of its apps into the new Files App. The company is planning to integrate OneDrive into the new Files App in iOS 11.

The integration will allow users to access their files on OneDrive right from the Files app without opening the OneDrive app. The company has not revealed any more details just yet but with the iOS 11 update available this November we would likely be getting more details in the days to come.