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Microsoft Garage team in their latest project has created a HoloLens app that allows the projection of OneDrive photos into the real world. This allows you to have virtual photo frames in your living area. The Microsoft Garage which is a Microsoft project division that let its employees work on projects that most of the time have no relation to their primary function within the company and have just experimental stuffs.

Holographic Photo Project links your OneDrive albums in to 3D, holographic. It comes with the features like Photo Projections with which you can associate Holograms to your OneDrive Albums so that you can view your photos in augmented reality with your photos being projected in your room or any place. Carousel Mode which allows you to view your created album in carousel mode simply put gaze on a Hologram at the location you have placed and then select it to expand. Adjustment Mode lets you customize your Holograms so that you can easily resize and put in any location of your area. See more about this project and install instructions here.

Microsoft Garage has yesterday launched its new Face Swap App which lets users to transport themselves into fun scenes using a selfie. Users would need to take a selfie, choose a scene from the camera roll or web and swipe through for results.

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