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Microsoft has released a major update to Arrow Launcher (Beta) app with new features on Android phones and tablets. Recently, Microsoft released a major update to the Arrow launcher. The major update introduced a lot new features and enhancement to the app. Microsoft is updating the app frequently with new changes, recently the company enabled support for Android tablets.

Today, Microsoft is rolling out a new version 3.5 for beta testers. The update comes with bunch of new features and improvements. Microsoft has updated search feature on Arrow Launcher with voice search and QR/barcode search improvements. Furthermore, now the search experience is more responsive.

Microsoft has also added new cards including Arrow Hub card, your one-stop PC to mobile file transfer center and MSN News card with category selections.

The app now supports more more feature on backup & restore ability, the widgets/icon pack and more setting support has been added. You can also use your voice to create reminders and notes, plus now the app has an update option to turn off recent apps in app drawer.

The update is only available to beta users and you can update the app here. After beta testing, the update will be available for everyone in a couple of weeks.

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