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Earlier we have reported that Telegram is currently testing the Voice Call feature for its Beta app for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile devices. Today the team of developers have pushed out a new update to the Preview Application by Officially activating the Voice Call option.

The update has bumped the Preview App to new version The Voice Call option is now activated and users need to follow the below steps to make a Voice Call:

  • Connect chat on the contact you wish to call
  • Open the contact details page
  • Select the new entry “Voice dialing”

Users will also be able to receive a Voice Call even when the app is closed or not in use. The option works on similar lines of other Popular Messaging Application like WhatsApp, Messenger etc. After Successful feedback and testing the Voice Call option will be pushed out to the Telegram Messenger Public version very soon.

The Latest update to the Telegram Messenger Preview is currently live and users can get it by clicking the below link. Do let us know the performance and First Impressions of the Voice Call in the comments below.

Download Telegram Messenger Preview app for Windows Phone