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Microsoft has announced the new clipboard syncing feature for Windows 10 in Falls Creators Update for syncing media, text across devices. But now they are working on a feature for syncing files across your Android phone and PC specifically. And Microsoft is doing this through their Android phone launcher called ‘Arrow launcher’.

In the recent Beta update to this launcher on Play Store Microsoft has introduced a feature called Arrow Hub that uses OneDrive for transferring files across the PC and your phone. You can use Arrow hub on your phone as widget to see your latest files of your phone and you can also upload them OneDrive. See your files on the PC you must go to the web app built by Microsoft and login with your Microsoft account there and you will soon be able to see your phone files on your PC. Since this a web app you can use it on iOS, mac or even an Android tablets.

Even though various fTP server apps are available on Play Store which can be used for sending files across devices but having this feature in-built into Microsoft own Android launcher is like having ‘icing on the cake’. Android launcher of Microsoft ‘Arrow launcher’ was in itself a very elegant one and now with this feature it would be more useful than ever.

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