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Last year’s Microsoft has announced that they will improve the cellular connectivity on their Windows 10 powered devices. They said about adding support for eSIM in Windows that will allow other OEMs to create devices which will be connected with LTE always. These eSIM will allow users to choose different carriers/ISPs for Internet connections on their Windows PCs.
Intel is working with Microsoft closely to validate eSIM enabled devices using their Intel XMM 7260 modem and the upcoming Intel XMM 7360 modem.

Yesterday Intel during launch of new ASUS devices at Computex 2017 showed an upcoming always eSIM enabled PC codenamed “Kukuna.” Qualcomm which also manufacture processors which are used in smartphones has support for eSIM already on their chips.
This eSIM will be built into the PCs users won’t be able to remove from them their devices. Today at computex 2017, Microsoft has already announces that OEMs like ASUS, HP, Huawei, Lenovo Xiaomi are already committed to releasing eSIM Technology enableed Windows devices.

We have already reported you that Qualcomm during their announcements at computex 2017 with Microsoft that Qualcomm is partnering with ASUS, HP and Lenovo to build ARM based Windows 10 PCs. We will keep you informed with other Windows 10 PCs and Laptops announcements at Computex 2017.

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