Stock price of Microsoft which is already at all time high have today reached $70 for the first time ever. One of the reason for Microsoft stock reaching higher values is because of the vast portfolio of Microsoft services. Microsoft Office and office 365 have garnered huge amount of investment from Enterprise. Microsoft Azure Cloud services which are 2nd in the market behind Amazon are continuously growing and is one of the many reasons for Microsoft growth at this time.

Not only this Microsoft Hardware like the Surface Devices, Xbox and Hololens has been getting favorable reviews and demand everywhere around the world. Microsoft Surface which has been ranked highest ahead of apple iPad in overall consumer satisfaction according to JD power US study for the first time is doing good. Windows 10 which was free initially for one year and didn’t generate enough money for Microsoft. But after the free upgrade now new PCs in the enterprise adopting Windows 10 is also helping in the Rise of Microsoft stock price.

Ever since Satya Nadella took off as as CEO of Microsoft stock price has almost doubled. Even though Microsoft has lost its consumer space in the smartphone market because of their Retrenchment Strategy it didn’t effected their stocks. Windows on ARM might be the only possibility which Microsoft will use to get back into smartphone space in future.

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