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Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Creators Update around a month ago globally. The update had introduced many new features and improvements for PC like Windows Ink, Night Light, App folders etc.

However there were many under the hood improvements which the company had brought with the Latest Windows 10 Creators Update. With the latest update Microsoft had brought accessibility enhancements in EdgeHTML 15.

The company had worked with assistive technology communities, Standard organisations and developers to improve the accessibility in EdgeHTML 15 to provide an enhanced user experience.

With the Creators Update the company had made major changes to the UI Automation Text Pattern API, which allows screen readers to recognise and access textual content of applications. With this the accessibility has been improved across text units like characters, words, format, lines and  paragraphs.

The company has also worked on enhancing support for web patterns which include support for HTML Language attribute, Images with empty alternative text which are now mapped to the presentation role.

The company has also fixed issues like improving Scroll Pattern support and reliability of UIA TextPattern operations, enabling pinch to zoom support on web pages etc.

Microsoft said that it will continue working to enhance the usability experience with EdgeHTML 15 on the Windows 10 Creators Update, and has encouraged users to provide feedback on its bug portal here.