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Microsoft has today updated their Authenticator app for Android which brings a very important security features for the app. The update allows users to use their Android phone fingerprint reader to authenticate their Microsoft account. Apart from this feature there is no new addition in this update for the app.The update brings the Authenticator app on Android to the version number 6.1.7.

Microsoft authentication app is actually a two factor authentication app that add an extra layer of security when you login into your Microsoft account. So now whenever you sign in with your Microsoft account password you will be ask ed for an additional way to prove that it’s really you. Then you will get a notification on Microsoft Authenticator app on your Android phone and now you can use your finger print directly to confirm it.

Since fingerprint readers are now more common on android devices it is good to see that Microsoft has updated there app for these hardware changes around the world. Microsoft already has supported the iPhone touch id authentication in there iOS authenticator app.

You can download the latest update from the Google Play Store link.

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