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Microsoft released the Creators Update Officially a month ago and now the Update is already running on 18% of the PCs Globally. According to the latest tracking stats for Windows devices the percentage of the Anniversary Update users fell from 82.1% to 75.4%.

The biggest surprise from the 10 biggest countries has been United States which has seen the lowest usage of the Creators update. Germany has the highest with 27% with Brazil having the most Insiders.

The Largest PC OEM’s HP has grown from 24.3% to 25.1%, Dell from 15% to 16.3%. Lenovo has seen a stagnant growth at 11.8% and Asus has seen a drop at 11.8% along with Toshiba which fell to 5.3% from 5.4%

  • gisabun

    I guess it would depend on how old the laptop/device is sitting in stock. The age would depend on how fast the manufacturer is updating their images. [The good thing now is that manufacturers are forced/pushed to update their image every 6 months now. Once set up a laptop for someone and required over a year full of Windows updates.]