Messenger on Windows 10 Mobile
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Facebook has released a major server side update to Messenger Beta app on Windows 10 Mobile Devices. The latest update for Facebook Messenger on Windows 10 Mobile has once again introduced the voice call feature.

It is worth noting that this time the voice call feature does not disappear after closing the Messenger Beta app. Many users are reporting that the feature has not been removed from the phone even after restarting the app. However, some are still not able to get voice calling feature access.

Facebook hasn’t updated that Messenger Beta app on Windows 10 Mobile. It is a server side update available for selected users. Windows Phones are currently receiving the voice call feature in waves.¬†Windows Phone devices like Lumia 535, Lumia 640 are also part of the roll out. Facebook is testing the voice call feature with selected users hence the update wouldn’t be available on your phone yet.

Furthermore, Messenger Beta on Windows 10 PC and Tablets also received a server side update. Facebook has introduced the group video call feature on PCs. However, it is not available for Windows 10 Mobile devices yet.

Download Messenger Beta for Windows 10.

  • Rahul Mundaz

    Not received any update yet.Using Lumia 535

  • Bradley Allen Cogswell

    I’m not getting it and I’m using the Lumia 950

  • I do really hope that the development team can bring in the voice and video call feature. I still remembered that one particular day back in 2016 where Facebook dropped in those features on my Lumia 830, and it worked like a breeze. Absolutely no problem at all!

  • awaid

    hi can we ever get calling on fbk messenger on win10 mobile? Its been a long time almost more than 10 months no calling