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Microsoft yesterday has started rolling out a new OneNote update on all devices which improves accessibility, navigation and consistency across all devices. The new OneNote design includes advanced Keyboard shortcuts which will let users navigate around the app without needing to touch the mouse.

Users will now be able to switch between different pages, opening the Navigation bar and do everything within the app by using the keyboard. The Redmond Giant has made some design changes to the navigation design on the OneNote App like all the navigation panels now have been moved to the left side making it easy for users to navigate notebooks and it also helps users with screen readers to navigate easily around the app.

The company has made sure that the app is having a consistent UI/Design across devices which has been the main focus of the new design. The new design is being rolled out to users on Windows 10, Mac, iOS and Android and should be available to all in the coming days or weeks.

Below is the Video of the new OneNote app: