Microsoft has today introduced one note users with a new experience for the users. The new experience has an updated design that gives you simple navigation , an improved accessibility across all the devices and very easy move between your sections and pages.This update will be coming to Windows, iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

The new experience makes it very easy to access one note using keyboards with simple screen shortcuts. This app update brings a consistent experience across the different devices and different ecosystems. Here’s the introduction video from Microsoft:

YouTube video

In the introduction video Microsoft has shown that the app has a common UI on all kind of devices from small devices to large devices and from Windows to Android and iOS. You can see the new design of one note on the on the web.

One surprising thing seen in the Introduction video was that it had not shown any Windows phone showing the UI in the Windows 10 Mobile platform. It’s sad to see that Microsoft isn’t giving any attention to the Windows phone user base who want to listen anything related to the future of this platform.

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