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Microsoft today is releasing a new update for its OneDrive app for users on Windows and MacOS. The new update brings Share experience for files on the OneDrive app. Users will now be able to Share a file via the Share a OneDrive Link option.

However users will not be able to edit the file to be shared since the company has not yet enabled the edit option either on Windows or MacOs. To Edit the file to be share users will need ot open the OneDrive app on a web browser and then edit the file before sharing.

This however is a cumbersome process currently, but we are sure that Microsoft will be providing the Eidt feature to the OneDrive app in the next update.


The new Share experience is currently available for users on Older Versions of Windows, Windows 10 and MacOs. The Share option allows users to share file with specific people or a group of people simultaneously instead of sharing to users One at a time.