Adobe has finally updated its Experience Design UWP with one of the highly requested feature of layer panel which was available on Mac. Even though the experience design if a UWP app but it is not available through windows store. Rather you have to download it via creative cloud suite of Adobe.

Along with layer panel Adobe has updated experience design with various new following features:

  • You can now share your updated prototype without having to create a new one rather you can simply update the current link which you have previously shared.
  • Adobe has added a PDF export of the prototype as well.
  • You can now simply copy and paste anything from your file explorer directly to the experience design app.
  • Experience design for Windows 10 now also supporting other languages like French and German.

Adobe announced these features on Twitter as you can see below from the link.

For those who don’t know what AdobeXD is: Adobe Experience Design can design and prototype websites and mobile apps which makes it the first all-in-one solution for UX designers.

If you want to download Adobe experience design you can go to this link and download the creative cloud which will automatically install the experience design app.


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