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The world is currently facing a large scale cyber attack after Ransomware has infected large organisations. The Organisations to be effected mostly with the attack are Health Services, Utility companies, Universities and more.

The main Organisations effected are the UK’s National Health Service and Spanish Utility companies and mobile providers. The details have been revealed by BBC News.

The Ransomware virus is spreading across the Microsoft’s Windows Based machines from Windows Server 2008 till Windows 10. The Ransomware is currently making use of a security hole that Microsoft patched in the month of March.

The Ransomeware is effecting those users who have not updated their systems to the Latest Patch released by Microsoft. The Ransomware, as part of the attack is demanding $ 300 in Bitcoin to unlock the encrypted files.

The Bitcoin wallets which are provided in the program are already beginning to receive payments from people who are looking to regain access to their computers.

The most effected organisation due to the Ransomware attack is the United Kingdom’s National Health Service which had to cancel or delay the heart surgeries and non emergency services.

The number of countries to have been effected with the Ransomware is close to 74 countries and the number is bound to increase more as the day moves on.

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