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Microsoft had launched the Xbox Live Creators Program some time ago. The company at its Build Conference confirmed that the Creators Program will be giving developers the ability to enable Keyboard Support on Xbox One.

The company also revealed that the Mouse Support for Xbox One is in works and should be available sooner than later.

Andrew Parson who is the Senior Program Manager for Game Developers at Microsoft said that developers who utilise the Xbox Live Creators Program will be having the ability to enable all Windows features on Xbox One which would include the keyboard support.

He also added that Microsoft is working on adding support for all mice in the future since not all or most of the mice are not compatible. The company is currently working on the Proper Keyboard Support which should be coming to the console soon which will help the Xbox One owners with games like Halo Wars 2 by making it easier for them to play the games by pressing a button or two instead of memorising all the different combinations.