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Microsoft yesterday at its Second Day of the Build 2017 announced that developers will now be able to develop apps for iOS and Android by using the .NET Framework on a Windows PC which will work on all three platforms by using a single shared code base.

The company also announced that the .NET Standard 2.0 code base will allow apps to share code along with the announcement of XAML Standard 1.0 unified markup language for User Interface elements which will work on Windows, iOS and Android.

The company in easier terms has now made it easier for developer to create apps for all three platforms with the same User Interface with minimal effort by using a shared code library.

Microsoft has also announced the functionality for developing iOS apps directly on a Windows 10 PC by using a new tool called the Xamarin Live Player. The Live Player is an iOS application that can be paired with Visual Studio and deploy code to iOS device by maintaining the same debugging utilities of Visual Studio.