Skype has just received an update in the Store and finally, it has brought some much needed new features. The version number has been bumped up to 11.15.597.0 and is now available for insiders in the fast ring.

First of all, there is a new option to share your PC’s audio if you share your desktop. This will make watching videos and listening to music a better experience. With this update Skype adds the option to tap an image in the chat to view it without leaving the app. Honestly this is a pretty nifty feature and we love it. Lastly there’s an option to send feedback from the app and that also helps.

Though the Skype team is adding new features and updating the app now and then, there’s a lot more to be done. The live tile still doesn’t work properly and syncing is a hit or miss for many. The lack of a transparent tile and the strange UI choice still irks a lot of users. However, the team has promised that the features are indeed in the works, and has asked the users to take to the Feedback Hub to report the issues.

You can download Skype from here,

Skype for Windows 10

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