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Microsoft in an event yesterday in New York City released a new Windows 10 S OS which is basically focused for the educational market. Users with Windows 10 S can only use apps that are downloaded from the Store.

In other words Windows 10 S is locked to Windows Store meaning users of the new OS won’t be able to install any other browser like Google’s Chrome Browser. Users will be only using the Microsoft’s default Browser Microsoft Edge unless you plan to pay $49 to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro version .

Having said that Windows 10 S does not allow its users to change the default search engine from Bing to any other search engine like Google. Hence users again are locked to use the default Microsoft’s search engine.

The latest Windows 10 S OS is basically aimed at educational market hence Microsoft wants the growing students to use its services since the next laptop picked up by the students probably won’t be running this version of the OS.