Surface Laptop
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Microsoft is supposed to announce a new Surface Laptop at an event in New York today. The Surface Laptop will be running on Windows 10 S. Now more rumors are coming in on the new Surface Model which includes the pricing of the device.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop could be priced at $999 as the company wants to keep it a premium device like its earlier Surface Lineup of devices. There are further rumors that the Laptop could be priced at $799, but we would be getting a correct picture on the pricing of the Surface Laptop at the New York Event which is scheduled today.

Since the company is planning to build a pioneer product for its Windows 10 S line up of devices it seems that the Surface Laptop could be rather expensive. The Surface Laptop is expected to be made available for pre order later this month but we would come to know about more details of the device in the New York event today.