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Windows 10 Market Share has increased slightly from 25.36% in March to 26.28% last month which is a small jump by 1%. However the share of Windows 10 is still very low compared to that of Windows 7 which stands at 48.5%.

Though Windows 10 is still growing slowly but still has a long way to go from taking over Windows 7. However Windows 10 might gain a good market share in the coming years since Microsoft is supposed to end Windows 7 mainstream support in few years. Once the mainstream support is pulled on Windows 7, the company expects lots of organizations to deploy Windows 10 on their systems.

The latest Windows 10 major update the Creators update started rolling out to public in mid April and is already powering nearly 10% of the Windows 10 PCs. Hence it would be fair to say that even though lot of customers are still using the outdated versions, Microsoft expects these customers to use the Latest Windows 10 OS in the coming months.