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Microsoft yesterday pushed out an update to its XBox Beta app for Windows 10. The update has bumped the app to new version 28.28.28016.0.  The update does not add any new features. But users in the Fast Ring will be able to see a new change once you open the app.

Users while opening up the games in the Xbox One section of the Store can access the game’s hub, see clips, and also purchase it. Users while opening the Windows 10 Section and trying to open a game would see the Windows Store getting opened.

The latest Beta version unifies that both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will be opened in the Windows Store. But still it is not possible for users to purchase the games from the Store directly.

Currently this functionality is only available for Users in the Fast Ring and hopefully the same functionality will be made available to all users in the coming months.

We can expect that Microsoft might add the functionality to buy Xbox games from the regular Windows Store which would take the company to another step in unifying the company’s platforms. But since the functionality is only available currently for beta users we can say that the step might not see the light of day if the Redmond Giant changes its plans in the future.