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Microsoft’s Bing has launched a new event planning extension app for iMessage on iOS. The app known as Who’s In is now available for download on App Store.

Who’s In extension as the name suggests lets you plan events or get together with friends from within the group conversation on iMessage. Users can also find activities with Bing, Decide a meeting space apart from option to vote for the best option.

Who’s In is a great extension which gives users direct access to Bing search results without leaving the iMessage App. Users can also search for the best restaurants, movies etc. Users need to tap/click on the search result card to get more information like for movies users can locate and watch trailers, view show times and above all book tickets in advance.

The iMessage extension is also available for users on Android along with iOS users and the app has been designed to work cross platform. Users can download the extension or app from the below App Store link.

Download Who’s In for iOS devices