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Microsoft has been working very hard in bringing new features and improving the performance of its Slack competitor app Microsoft Teams. Microsoft recently added Trello Integration to its Teams app to easily access Trello Boards right from Microsoft Teams.

The company has today released a new set of features for the Teams app which play a big role in improving the Teams app in terms of features. The company has added the ability to link to a channel or team which will make it easier to share a channel or team using a link. This will also allow users to easily share a link to all files in a team via an email or message.

Microsoft is also working on bringing Guest Access to the Microsoft Teams app and might be released to the application in coming June. The Teams app is also getting a WIKI Support Markdown wherein users can use the same markdown Syntax to format WIKI Sections on the Fly.

Users will now find a refresh button at the top corner of the files tab in each channel which makes it easy to check for New files or any other changes that happened since last looked. A new Upload Indicator has also been added which lets you know the Upload progress when trying to upload a file to the files view or OneDrive in a channel.

The Teams app has received several updates since it was generally made available to the public and the company is working on releasing more new features in the coming months to the Microsoft Teams app.