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It’s 25th April today, and as promised, Microsoft is rolling out the Creators Update to the Windows Phones. But there’s a catch, the update is not yet rolling out to devices on the production build, but is only available for Insiders in the release preview ring.

The announcement comes from the Feedback Hub post and Microsoft has again made it clear that the update will be available for a select few devices. For those unaware, based on feedback from the insiders, Microsoft decided to roll out the Creators Update to only 13 supported devices. Most of the popular phones like the Lumia 1520,930,730 and 535 have been cut off from the list with only a handful of new devices getting the update.

Though the decision has caused quite an uproar, the likes of such not seen for a long time, Microsoft has chosen to turn a deaf ear towards them and went ahead with their decision. Whatever might be the reason, the update is now rolling out, and you should nab it.

Unlike it’s PC counterpart, the Creators Update for mobile doesn’t bring any new features to the fray. You get a new share icon, some UI improvements in the Settings app, a welcome dose of bug fixes and improvements to the Edge browser. It’s the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile available, so you should get it.

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