Chillr App
Image Courtesy: Windows

Chillr, the popular app which supported payments service with over 44 banks in India, has now decided to drop support for Windows Phone. Chillr was a popular service in India which let users also pay utility bills right from the app.

The company has now decided to drop support for its Windows Phone app and the app will be no longer be functional on Windows Phone. A support team confirmed that they have indeed dropped support for Windows Phone app by stating:

“Apologies for the inconvenience caused while using the app. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use Chillr on your Windows device, as support for Windows OS has been discontinued”.

The company however confirmed that users can use the Chillr app hassle free on iOS and Android devices and continue to make utility payments without any issues.

This comes as another bad news for Windows Phone users since Chillr is not the only company which has dropped support for their Windows Phone app. The Dropping of Support is understandable considering the falling of the market share of Windows Phone lately.

Users could expect more companies dropping support for Windows Phone in the future months due to the decreasing market share of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System.