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Microsoft has been working on its Wunderlist successor known as Project Cheshire, and today the company has launched its Official application for Windows, Android and iOS under the new name Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft To-Do is an organizer for users for things to do that allows users to list their day to day. The tasks are synchronized between PC, Smartphone or Web. The application over a period of time is supposed to replace the already available Wunderlist which was acquired by Microsoft some time ago.

Users on Wunderlist can import their lists to the Microsoft To Do application by clicking on your profile of the application and you will have the option to import which takes you to a Web.

Microsoft To-Do is a simple application that makes it easy for users to plan their day, which helps in increasing the productivity and keep stress at bay both with work or school related tasks. The application is having an attractive design and makes it easy for users to create a simple daily workflow. The To-Do synchronizes on the phone and PC and makes it convenient for users to access your to- do from school, office or any supermarket or even when you are on the road.

Users also have the option to Quickly add, organize and schedule your to do on the fly and also add reminders and expiration dates to the most important to- do’s.┬áThe application is available for download on all platforms and users can alternatively download it for Windows, iOS and Android from the below respective Store links.

Do let us know your first impressions of the application in the comments below after using the application.

Download To-Do for Windows

Download To-Do for Android

Download To-Do for iOS


  • Greg Christopher

    Looks like (in Microsoft fashion) “All Platforms” has removed Mac OS, Kindle, and of course compatibility with the 3rd party linux version. I wish we could come up with some other goal besides “break other platforms”. It’s so 1999.