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Chinese Manufacturer Chuwi claims to make low budget laptops at the Microsoft’s own Surface quality. Even though Surface is of top notch quality, its untouchable to many because of it’s pricing. Now Chuwi has came with two Laptops 14.1 Lapbook and 15.6 Lapbook which company claims its quality equal to Surface.

Although we have seen many product’s from Chinese Market at low cost, but this has got some serious attention in the tech market. The most specialty of these two laptops are they are coming with inbuilt Windows 10 Creators Update, which is yet to be rolled out to current Windows 10 users. The specification also seems to be very impressive. Do check out yourself from the below links.

Lapbook 14.1 Notebook

Lapbook 15.6 Notebook

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As we already said it’s cheaper, are there any guesses for the price. Don’t get amazed, both the Lapbooks are available under $270. And is available across all leading e-commerce website like Aliexpress, Amazon and others. Unfortunately none of them ships to India. But if you are interested in buying any other Chuwi Products head to