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Microsoft’s Surface tablets have been found as one of the best tablets currently. The Surface Tablets represent a perfect blend of Software and Hardware. According to JD Power’s 2017 survey, Microsoft’s Surface is one of the most loved tablets among Tablet lovers.

The Surface Tablets are capable of replacing or are as capable as laptops and can function as standard tablets. This makes them versatile and successful.

The Surfaces are pre loaded with Windows and Office Apps and Microsoft sells a wide range of Surface accessories in the Store which allows users of older to exchange or replace the older ones with the new models.

The Surfaces have a great % of Customer satisfaction which stands out at 841 index points which is a increase of 21 index points from 2016 US Tablet Satisfaction Study. The success also includes the Lower pricing and past experience of buying a Surface Tablets which stands at 22%.

Data Plans satisfaction is also one of the contribution to the Success of Surface tablets since more than one third of the customers use a data plan with their tablets.