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Twitter today released its “Lite” version of the app to the general public. The app is fast and browser friendly version of its Mobile Platform. The app is basically designed for location with less or slow internet connections.

Twitter Lite has been designed keeping in mind several elements of its Micro blogging site. The app is a mobile web version which has been optimized to launch 30 percent faster to provide quick navigation and control. The Web version is being launched today at an event in India.

With the new version the company has taken care of the issues pertaining to data usage, resilient experience on sluggish network connections. The company has launched the web version which takes less than 1 MB on the devices but has kept most of the prominent features like Timeline, Tweets, Direct Messages, replies, trends and more.

The web version automatically updates to the latest version so the company has also taken care of the headaches of updating the application for users. Apart from the regular features the company has also introduced a data saver mode which is similar to the mobile applications which further reduces the amount of mobile data used by preview of images and videos. The option helps users reduce the data spending by up to 70 percent which is a lot if you are using a minimum amount of data.

The new version of the mobile web platform has brought support for offline access meaning users can keep loading the content even when there is no internet connection. Users will also be provided with rich push notifications to alert on the daily happenings around the world.

Twitter has also partnered with Vodafone to make available the Lite version to the Telecom’s 200 million users by promoting the IPL matches in 42 language in the country. Twitter’s Lite Mobile web version comes in handy for individuals with lack of data storage on their devices and expensive data plans.