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We all know that Microsoft is about to reveal hardware information about the Project Scorpio. In addition earlier this week we’ve seen a report which stats that Microsoft will announce more details about Project Scorpio this week.

Meanwhile, Eurogamer and Digital Foundry announced that they will have an exclusive Xbox Scorpio reveal this Thursday, April 6 at 6AM PST:

In case you don’t know Project Scorpio is upcoming Xbox console. Microsoft revealed few information about it at last year E3 2016. Project Scorpio have¬†6 teraflops of computing power and the true 4K games. But that’s all we know about it. Gamers are excited to know about this new console.

We will soon get the answers about new console’s slimness, internal power brick, Bluetooth and Kinect port and more. But apart from this conman questions we are highly excited about the VR technology, power consumption and more.

Well, revealing Project Scorpio before E3 make sense, by doing so company will be able to focus on games which we all care most. Are you excited to see new console with amazing features? Let us know in a comment below. Stay tune to Windows Latest for more updates.

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