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While in one hand we are waiting for the new Surface device, in another hand Microsoft registered a new patent with the mysterious title “Dual Display Device”.

The device have one regular screen and another screen is made of e-paper. Furthermore, Microsoft explains that the new e-paper screen would be used for rendering visually static user input controls.

Well of course the normal screen will work just like other display for rendering visually dynamic user input controls. The primary screen maybe have multi-touch support.

We do know that the this new patent looks a lot like the new Lenovo Yoga Book, which have touch keyboard and you can also write on it with pen. Similarly this new patent will have new touch keyboard which feels like you are writing on touchpad.

There is a report which claims that the e-paper screen would be touch sensitive, rigid, removable and act as a cover. All these things are maybe pointing us to the new Surface hardware for the Windows 10 Cloud.

Actually the most amazing fact about this patent is that it was filed back in September 2016, so we can say that Microsoft might be working on this product for a while. But take a note that it’s not possible that every patent that a company register would become reality.

You can read more about this patent from here.

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