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Surface Phone unofficial render has been leaked online, it has revealed some interesting facts about the device. Microsoft is working on the Surface Phone for a while now and it is supposed to create a new category. The recent report has suggested that the company has postponed Surface Mobile launch to 2018.

The Surface Phone is the greatest rumor doing rounds among the fans of Windows Phone. Supposed to be the beast of all, people have been wildly throwing around guesses as to what the specs may be. The design too is also a topic of hot discussions and after using brilliantly designed Lumias for years, fans are expecting a lot from the Surface Phone.

The folks at Plaffo have got some exclusive information about the Surface Phone and it’s unofficial render. A reliable source revealed that the device will run on a new optimised version of Windows 10 and it will include apps to make voice and video calls.

Furthermore, Microsoft could announce the Surface Phone in an event by end of May. The Surface Phone will cost €399 or $425 and it will be available for purchase in June.

Recently, Microsoft has also patented foldable mobile device and it is similar to earlier designs published. The new patent has revealed a new foldable device that turns into a tablet and it makes a lot of sense as the Surface Phone has been rumoured to support Win32 apps. The patent does not reflect the actual design of Surface Phone but it could be similar.

Microsoft is also planning to bring eSIM feature to the operating system. It will allow the customers to buy data directly from the Windows Store. Furthermore, a user can use it as Wi-Fi and cellular networks, consume data, and also can manage costs. Windows Store will host these data plans, so user can easily purchase it and manage usage of it.

Is this device going to be a Cellular PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: Sigh. It is an April Fools Day Joke by Plaffo!

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