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Lyft has released a new UWP app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile today. Lyft is a taxi cab app similar to Uber. The app is currently available for download and probably currently works only in USA.

The company has been working on its app for quite some time and now they have released the Universal app for Windows, which works both on PC and Mobile. Lyft app gets you to book an affordable ride in minutes and is very affordable in terms of pricing compared to Uber.

Getting started is pretty easy with the new Lyft app, you would need to download that app and after signing up you can open the app and request a ride. The Lyft app provides its users the convenience of paying through the phone and you need not worry about the bill if you don’t have sufficient cash.

The Lyft app is currently live and available for download in the Windows Store. Alternatively you can download the app from the below link.

Download Lyft UWP app for Windows 10