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Tinder, the popular dating app service, is now testing a web based app for PCs. Available in some regions, the app is available as an web page on the browsers on all OS platforms. Tinder has reasoned, that everyone may not have access to good internet and smartphones, thus the necessity of a web app.

Not yet available everywhere, the web service is currently rolling out to users in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, and Sweden. Tinder has told that the service will expand to all other countries soon. You can check out the service here, but it won’t work if you are not in a supported country.

As for Windows users, the web app will be available on your browsers, so no worries. You can use the service on both your PC and Mobile. If you are looking for an app, there’s none from Tinder. However, Rudy Huyn, one of the greatest Windows Phone devs, has developed a third party solution to Tinder, and it’s great.

The app, 6tin, is a universal Windows 10 app and it works flawlessly on all Windows 10 devices. Download it from here.


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