Cortana for iPhone
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Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant is now rolling out to users in Australia on iOS and Android. Available already for Windows users, Australian fans of Cortana can now take advantage of her on other platforms too.

Cortana is also getting an update for Android. The update brings about Cortana to the Lock Screen for Android. As the name suggests, you’ll now be able to get Cortana feeds on your lock screen. A one click icon to access Cortana will also be present. For privacy conscious users, it can be disabled.

Microsoft is really trying it’s best to get Cortana all around the world, but the rollout is still slower than it’s competitors. Siri and Google Now is already dominating the smartphone P.A. market. With Windows Phone vanishing, Microsoft’s only way to push Cortana is Windows 10 on PC and the other phone OS.

The update is rolling out now, go to the respective app stores and download it.


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