Microsoft Lumia 535
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After dropping carrier billing support for Windows Phones in India, it seems like Microsoft is following suite in Mexico. Thanks to MSPU, we have found out that carrier billing is indeed removed in Mexico.

Once strongholds for Windows Phones, fans of the OS in Latin America and Mexico currently have no phone to choose from. With Microsoft stopping Lumia productions and no respectable OEM stepping up to fill up the gap, Windows Phones are slowly fading out in the region. Sure, HP might be going to fill the void at some point, but with no budget and mid-range devices(at least for now), gaining back the lost market share looks like a herculean task.

The Surface Phone might resurrect the OS later this year, but will it have the appeal to grab the attention of the former fans? Surface devices are not budget friendly and quick market share isn’t grabbed by premium devices. We can just wait and hope that Microsoft has some plans to keep the Windows Phone fans alive and get some chunk of the former glory back.