Image courtesy: Neowin

AdDuplex has released their monthly reports for the Smartphone and PC OS market. While it shows signs of growth for Windows 10 on PC, Windows Phone has just vanished from the list.

The new report suggests that the uptake for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition has increased and it runs on a healthy 91% of all the PCs. The November Update and initial release still run on a few PCs and Insiders are a mere 0.9% of the total.

Image courtesy: AdDuplex

The statistics for the manufacturers still show HP and Lenovo leading the pack. The other OEMs are also not doing bad, but having limited budget and midrange devices, hinder them from climbing the market share stairs.

Image courtesy: AdDuplex

Absent from the list is Windows Phones. While being a regular in the AdDuplex reports till now, it looks like they will not be featured anymore. With non-existent market shares and meh sales, Windows Phones will be vanishing from more places to come. Read the full report here.