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Facebook owned Instagram is currently working on some new and important features to be released to its app on all platforms. The company has been working on long pending issue of blocking Sensitive content on its app.

The company is currently releasing a new feature which blurs the sensitive content from being view able to users. If any post is deemed as Sensitive by the Instagram team, then the particular post will be blurred and will not be view able by users with caption “Sensitive Content” .

Facebook has been working on such feature from a long time and finally is started to roll out the feature for its Instagram application on all the platforms. Apart from the Blocking of the Sensitive Content feature the company is also rolling out another new features Two Factor Authentication for its Instagram app.

The Two Factor Authentication feature is to prevent accounts from being easily view able by malicious parties. The feature is being linked to your registered mobile number and you will need to authenticate it with an SMS which will be sent to the registered phone number anytime you log in.

The Instagram app will also now incorporate two-factor authentication to prevent accounts from being easily compromised by malevolent parties. It is linked to your phone number, and you’ll need to authenticate with an SMS that will be sent to your number anytime you log-in. You can enable this feature using the gear icon in your profile page and enabling the option to “Require Security Code” under “Two-Factor Authentication.”

The two new features are currently rolling out and should be available to all users in some days or weeks. You can download the Official Instagram app from the below Windows  Store Link.

Download Instagram App for Windows 10