Hamburg’s Police Dept. bought 900 Lumia Windows Phones


It’s not the first time that we see a german police department adopting Windows phone-based solution, and the latest dept. to join is the Hamburg’s Police. The city’s governement made a massive order of 900 Windows phoned devices, that will be used to decrease and improve the time spent by officers when filing reports.

Image courtesy: MSPoweruser

As of what emerges from this internal slides (thanks MSPoweruser), the police corp is trying to push on UWP to increase the efficiency of police officers by processing incident reports digitally and directly into the police database. This also describes how UWP will operate on different devices, running from a reduced UI on phone devices to a full and complete GUI on desktops. As we’re talking about enterprise-level environments, the most common complaints against Windows 10 Mobile, such as variours 3rd party apps missing from the Store, won’t matter, because the thing that matters here is the interaction between the device and the backend system.

In this case, each handset appears to have cost around 110€.

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