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So, here we are again. Once in a while we all see those annoying ads in Windows 10. It all started from the lock screen as tips. And then we’ve seen pre-installed apps and now also in File Explorer.

With the initial release of Windows 10 we’ve seen that Candy Crush game pre-installed in the Windows 10. Well I’m not against the game. I do like it. But question is Why they are bring it as pre-installed? It’s not product of their. Right? It seems there’s a price to pay for this new “Windows as a service”.

Nowadays we are getting notification in File Explorer about OneDrive subscription. Microsoft encouraging user to pay $6.99 for an Office 365 subscription. Well nobody likes it. Even in fast few weeks we received report about that Windows 10 users have been complaining vocally in recent weeks about OneDrive notifications in the File Explorer.

But the most annoying ads in Windows 10 is that the task bar notification that prompt people to switch to Microsoft Edge. It often pop up when they launch Google Chrome or install any Microsoft extension in Chrome. And there is no way to block it. Not only that the funny thing about this task bar notification is that it warn users about battery drain and recently Google announced that they will quell some background tabs.

In addition, Microsoft also decided to install apps on Windows 10 via major update. We are hearing that the Sling TV app will be pre-installed for the US Windows 10 users with Creators Update. Few years ago Microsoft used to blame its OEM partners for bundling lots of useless apps on Windows PCs, but now it has itself to blame for doing the same to Windows 10.

Here it’s worth to mention that they have rights to this because many of us are using Windows 10 as a free update, Although some users paid for that.

Microsoft added a notification center to Windows 10 for a reason. However we now have a tweak to disable ads in the File Explorer. But Microsoft have to think about those task bar prompt and ads on lock screen in Windows 10. Hopefully the company will find a mid way which doesn’t affect at all and keep their customer happy.

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