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According to a new report by Pacific Crest’s Brent Bracelin, Microsoft and Google’s cloud solutions “have created viable global alternatives to AWS.” Thus the prospect of people dumping Amazon’s AWS(Amazon Web Services) for Google’s and Microsoft’s options are becoming more and more clear.

After the report Amazon’s shares have fallen to $850.51 a down of $2.91 from the previous value. It is suspected that the multi-hour outage on 28th February have impacted the users’ perceptions and they are tilting more towards Microsoft and Google now, which is quite a blow to Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.

AWS is half the operating profit of Amazon and the decline in usage will be causing Amazon a headache. It seems like users are more tilted towards Microsoft’s Azure platform as large industries were considering it as a viable option to AWS.

Though AWS usage is declining it is still quite a game for Microsoft and Google to catch up to them. Bracelin finally notes that,

The full report can be accessed here.