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Microsoft released the March cumulative update for Windows 10 PCs last week. The update brought about many fixes and bumped the OS to version 14393.953. While the update fixed a lot of security flaws, it seems a major bug has crept up unnoticed.

Going on around the various tech forums, it seems the update, KB4013429, broke Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The update bumps up the Internet Explorer version, which apparently is the culprit here. Display rendering problems are being reported on the Dynamics CRM community, and it looks like there are no easy solutions too.

You can use another browser(difficult in the domains where they use CRM), or rollback to a previous update(but Windows Update can again download the new one). They can also upgrade to CRM 2016, but hey, that’s not an easy solution, is it?

Affected users can take to forums and voice their complaints. Also they can submit a report via the Feedback Hub app on their PCs. For now, there’s no immediate fix and users can only wait until Microsoft acknowledges and fixes the bug. It is also of concern how forced Windows Updates can break the PCs unknowingly. With Microsoft pushing updates more aggressively from Creators Update, many users will start criticizing Windows 10 again.

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