Windows Mobile market share dropped to 1.3% in the US, according to Kantar

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As much as Windows Insider and other Windows enthusiast can love Windows 10 Mobile and the whole Windows Mobile environment, they can’t stop the market share of the platform from dropping.

Today, Kantar World Panel released their latest report on smartphone OS sales market share, and it’s not good for Windows Mobile. According to this report, the overall Windows Mobile’s market share dropped to 1.3% in the US, down 50% from last year numbers. Even in  the strongest markets, such as Italy, where Microsoft’s mobile OS was still quite present, the number has decreased. Indeed, Windows Mobile market share in Italy dropped to 4.4%, down from 7.2% in the same period last year. There’s almost no presence in China, with a small 0.1% of sales over the last 3 months.

With Microsoft’s number decreasing, Apple and Google’s ones are still going strong. Android accounted for 56.4% of smartphone sales in the US, and  iOS accounted for 42% of smartphone sales, up 2.9 percentage points year-on-year.

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