Image Courtesy: Microsoft .com

Slack Technologies Inc., pushed out a latest update for its Slack Beta App for Windows Phone. The company has pushed out the update related to bug fixes and performance improvements for the Windows Phone Application. The app has been bumped to latest version 2017.314.0.0. 

With the latest update the developers have fixed issues related to Push notifications and more which the users were experiencing after the previous update. The team fixed issues with the live tile which did not display the recent mention on display. The same has now been fixed and you now get the latest mention on the live tile.

The users also experienced issues with the threaded messages were in they viewed a blank screen, but now after the fix users can now return to the regular message. Push notifications which earlier showed error while replying will no longer show any error and you can reply from thread replies.

The latest update for the Slack Beta App for Windows Phone is currently live and you can update the same by clicking the below link.

Download Slack Beta for Windows Phone