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Viber for a long time has been working on making its Messaging App more secure on lines of WhatsApp and Messenger. The Viber app has over 800 million users around the Globe and the company would like its users to have a more secure chat experience while using the app.

To make the Viber App more secure and increase the privacy of the app the company has now launched “Secret Chats” option for its 800 million users. The Secret Chats are conversations which are self destruct after a certain time limit which makes the chats and messages in the app more secure and private.

The new option “Secret Chats” is on the same lines of “Secret messages” which the company had launched a year ago which allow users to put a self destructing timer for a limited period for their messages.

The Secret Chats are end to end encrypted making them more secure and the Chats are blocked from being forwarded and the company also have an option to hide the Secret Chats behind a PIN Code. The Secret Chats option is being currently rolled out to iOS and Android users, but not sure if the option will be available for Windows users since Viber has currently paused its development of its UWP Windows App for PC and Mobile.

We have to wait and see whether the company will start releasing updates to its Windows 10 App sooner since a lot of Windows 10 users on Viber would be waiting to make their Viber Chats Private and Secure with Self Destructing Chat option.