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ComScore, the Global Analytics company in US has been able to bring out the Market Statistics for End of January 2017. The Data from the company reveals that Apple AT 44% continues to dominate the Smartphone Market Subscribers with Samsung just behind at 28% . Another Android Smartphone Manufactures HTC and Motorola hold on to 5% of the Market Share.

However in the company’s breakdown of Smartphone’s Operating System Android continues to dominate the Market with 53% Market Share with Apple’s iOS platform at 44.6%. The Windows Phone market share has fallen drastically and is only 1.6% of the Market share with Blackberry also able to hold on to 0.6% of the Market despite the company having already sold its Manufacturing rights.

The data would mean that still close to 3 million users in America use the Microsoft’s Windows Operating System despite the OS not being able to gain much market share for Smartphones with its Latest Version of Windows.